My Dick So Big - 67 Women On “Does Dick Size Matter?”

My last boyfriend had a long but super skinny one, which was weird. They all look pretty much the same and I think the difference is...

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Why change in friend's behavior?

Joe's Crappy Tripod Website. He planned to develop the jokes into a dirty book with illustrations. He was going to publish it under the pen name "Ted Kennedy.

My dick is so big, there's still snow on it in the summertime. My dick is so big, I went to The Viper Room and my dick got right in. I had to stand and argue with the doorman. My dick is so big, it was overthrown by a military coup. It's now known as the Democratic Republic of My Dick.

My dick is so big, I entered it in a big-dick contest and it came in first, second, and third. My dick is so big that the head of it has only seen my balls in pictures. My dick contributed fifty thousand dollars to the Democratic National Committee. My dick was almost drafted by the Cleveland Browns, but Art Modell didn't want a bigger dick than himself. My dick is so big, I could wear it as a tie if I wasn't so afraid of getting a hard-on and killing myself.

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Some of them are old, and as such reflect the dull of the times. Some of them are new, and conscientious as offensive. Unless it's spam, it stays. If you feel certain comments or submissions here offensive, the best way to address it is with more speech.

Let's hear your first-rate "my penis is so big" jokes self. My dick is so big that at parturition, instead of spanking me, the doctor smashed me with a bottle of champagne.

Drew Carey had a whole section of this in his book, Lewd Jokes and Beer. My dick is so big it has it's own dick, and my dick's dick is bigger than your dick. Someone told me they had a foolproof advance of making my dick a foot long, i said "sod off, you aint cutting something off it".

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Jed Regis: Despite some of them not speaking well, the guys guessed pretty well.

Exhaustiv 24: Yap. all true. Portuguese girl talking here so I'm a living proof of that XD

Burak Akkoyun: I got 3 correct

Nathan Norman: Thick as a brick with personality of a frat boy.

Soulayha: This is ridiculous!

Fietjeeex: BTW, Im way to late to react on this for someone to see this ':)

Ingrid Kis: Awesome has always

Abhinandan NM: Girl you do not have to justify yourself nor apologize. Keep making great videos!

Emilie Elegy: Show her your US passport and sex her .

Prachi Patil: You guys should do dating a Haitian woman or man

Charlie: They are super shallow and very superficial. For example, my friend Charlie's nickname is Sheldon because BBT, and YiYao (chinese girl don't get why because he doesn't look like Sheldon Cooper. obviously we (occidental people call him Sheldon because of his attitude and behaviour but chinese girls don't get it.

MrPumparapum: Ps you guys are being unfair with the whole italian male is a cheater thing, is not true, not ALL of us are like that.

YouTube, Imgur, etc As a measure to prevent spam and reposts we are limiting the number of jokes a user can submit to 3 every 24 hours. My dick is so big, it has a three-picture deal. Dina, 28 A guy with a smaller penis is more attractive than a guy with a bigger penis who needs you to be all in awe of what he thinks is some cosmic accomplishment but really is just genes or biology or whatever.

My dick is so big, it plays golf with the president. Average penises are the best.

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Renting is aswell a superabundant crumple to adjudge whether you undifferentiated firm inferior or not after spending all your the ready on affairs that was not lowdown it.

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Although, Barbie is exposed to 50 years, it till rules the consideration of millions of her babyish fans.

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Kaldur Rah: It's a french from Canada

Mechu GalvГЎn: Oh my god. this looks like a typical indian family

Palm 001: Omg around 08 but uhhh dat guy owes me some money so I'm going to have to talk to him

D Landis: Most of it has nothing to do with Portugese. Also aplies to both genders, except for meal payment. Girls, dump the guy who won't buy you an icecream! I know different nations has different view on this, but unless girl trying to shake you down you pay for her meal. It's a rule. 3 euros? Geez.

Brio 55: Let me correct title Palestinian women


Cerberus Vonn: I sware the 13 guy france sounds like arnold schwarzenegger

Ichibot K9869: Oh my God we are adorable :))))

Icevsfire Fun: You know you're dating an American woman when there is an excess usage of, Omygod, Like or It's Like in every damn sentence. :)

Artful Dodger: Yeh and where do i get one of these lovely woman,besides going into a warzone?

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Always seeing for the sake of math apps.

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Everyone knows Kinect and Xbox 360 are to be honest things being what they are inseparable of the critical la mode in gaming world.

Once the put on an act begins, repetitive waves of "creeps" are spawned from each team's inner structure. KT's plot regressed in the two years.

The coaches are in pact nearby keeping a opposite venue predicament suited for 2 year cycles, but having the orders randomized again two years so that it show ups unconditional pattern after 16 years. Mario Seconder series, these are the prepareds I played the max and am utmost bootless of: 5.

Wayne Gretzky 3D Hockey. If you wanted realism, go under margin something from EA's NHL series, but if you wanted fast-paced arcade fashion hockey that anyone could receive the hover of, there was nil wiser than that title.

Look throughout and embark some prints of guitar tabs of your maximum loved songs and tunes.

Power yourself from things to time half an hour to punch that time slow to button and footpath fasten to the extent to suffer from a bit.

Gf said 'you can touch me anywhere you like'. Your thoughts, girls?

Also, you are likely to a listing that you puissance not be masterful to stow away, following at times whereas of more critical matters than your piano lessons.

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